Browsing through my 25-year collection of published articles about sailing and boating (more than 1000 in all), I've decided to start posting a number of them on this blog. In the future, look for a more-or-less chronological series of magazine and newspaper articles originally published in SAIL Magazine, Cruising World, Chesapeake Bay Magazine, Waterway Guide, Baltimore Magazine, The Annapolis Capital, The Easton (MD) Star-Democrat and perhaps a few other places.

The topics range from practical advice to boat owners, sailing and cruising techniques and skills, guides to interesting places to visit by water and tests of new boats. This series begins with articles first published in the late 1980s. There's quite a bit of boating history represented here, since I have been privileged to sail on many of the most popular pleasure boats in the world and have had the pleasure of cruising most of Eastern North America, much of the Caribbean and parts of Europe in private vessels.


Ranger 33           Over The Horizon          How Much Can You Take?         

Quiet Harbor in Ocracoke               How Much Do You Need To Know?

Midwinter Visit                 The Trip to Haulout                 SAIL Best Boats

Irish Boating               Winter Boat Buying               That Sinking Feeling

The Liveaboard LIfestyle               Winter Layup               The Ideal Dinghy

Take Her Out For The Weekend     Comfort Afloat     Boats Are Teachers

What About a Little Powerboat?               Accidental Tourist Afloat 

Annapolis - A Cruising Guide     New Sailors' Questions     First Sailing Lesson

Boats, Yachts, Lines, Ropes     At Sea or At Bay     Four Ages of Boating

Multihull Thrill          New Boats - 1988          Boat Show - 1989

The Right Boat        Vitamin "S"